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European Integration and the Labour Law Reform in Georgia. Achievements and Challenges

This paper describes the way of legal harmonization for the purposes of labour safety and health in Georgia and is based on those historic decisions, which have been rendered by Georgia within the framework of the labour law reform. In order to have a full image of the processes, the waves of radical reforms are described, which began in 2006 in Georgia and the outcomes of the mentioned are analysed. The paper aims to analyse the reforms implemented on the path to European Integration and evaluate the results and challenges faced by Georgia standing on its path to European Integration. The paper also covers the analysis of the labour safety obligations undertaken by Georgia under the Association Agreement and the importance of informing the society, as a certain key on the way to effective enforcement of the taken measures.


Keywords: labour safety, labour legislation, labour norms, labour law, European Integration, Association Agreement, decent labour culture, labour safety culture.