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➡Dis-Integration: Reflections on the legal, policy and practical challenges resulting from the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union

➡Challenges and prospects of cooperation between the countries of the South Caucasus: the context of the Eastern Partnership Initiative

➡Ordoliberal Socio-Economic Policy as a Model of Reforms for the Eastern Partnership Countries

➡Jurisdiction of transnational administrative-legal acts in the process of European integration

➡Europeanization of Georgia: Reception of European Public Law in Georgia

➡Georgia – the crossroads of Europe and Asia – an important factor in the regional energy landscape

➡The Impact of the War in Ukraine on Polish-Ukrainian Economic Relations from the Perspective of the Illusion of Explanatory Depth

➡The Compliance of the Georgian Government’s Legal and Political Activities with the Good Governance Principle: Eastern Partnership Initiative

➡European Integration and the Labour Law Reform in Georgia. Achievements and Challenges