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The Compliance of the Georgian Government’s Legal and Political Activities with the Good Governance Principle: Eastern Partnership Initiative

The study deals with the compliance of the Georgian Government’s legal and political activities with the “good governance” principle envisaged by the Eastern Partnership initiative. The research was carried out within the framework of qualitative research. Based on secondary sources, the research of the Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) reflected the public’s mood about the Government’s political activities. Within the research framework, I studied the strategic documents and plans of the Georgian Government, in which the convergence of the country’s political course with the principle of “good governance” is mentioned. Through the analysis of strategic documents of the Georgian government, analysis of secondary sources, and local and international reports, I present the compliance of the legal and political activities of the Georgian Government with the principle of “good governance.” The purpose of the presented research is to answer the question: what prevents the Government in Georgia, through its activities, from absolute compliance with good Governance while such international organizations as Transparency International Georgia, ISFED, OSCE/ODIR, in the presented reports point out mistakes and issue relevant recommendations.


Keywords: Eastern Partnership Initiative, Central Electoral Commission, Election, Good Governance, Good Governance Principles, ISO.